Introduction of Jiangsu

Jiangsu is the birthplace of ancient Chinese Wuyue culture, as well as Yangtze River culture. It is a melting pot of Northern and Southern life styles, a testament to the charming elegance of Southeast China, and a stunning example of the vastness of both the Yangtze River and neighboring coastal waters. More importantly, whether it was Tai Bo's advance South, the scheming for supremacy between the states of Wu and Yue during the warring states period, the struggle between the states of Chu and Han during the founding of the Han Dynasty, or the vicissitudes of the 10 dynasties, they all left behind precious cultural and historical relics, both tangible and intangible, in Jiangsu. Nanjing culture, Wu culture, and Han and Chu culture blend together to form the charm and unique historical and cultural characteristics of Jiangsu. Rich diversity, deep heritage, distinct cultural characteristics, and priceless cultural relics all come together to form an ever more valuable resource for development and soft-power in Jiangsu. Furthermore, in light of Jiangsu's society and economy, harmonizing movement, and sustainable development, these factors are all the more important.

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