A taste of Jiangsu

Children at an orphanage in Anhui Province were happy to put on clothes sent by volunteers from the charity organization From Compassion To Action ( FCTA ) during the Spring Festival , although they have not met face to face .[Detail]
The seventh day of the Lunar New Year is also the first day people are back to work after the holiday. Some people may still be locked in the vacation mood and need a cup of coffee to get back on track.[Detail]
For Nanjing people, the Lunar New Year celebration is incomplete without going to the Confucius Temple and appreciating the lanterns.[Detail]
At the Former Residence of Ganxi fully decorated with red lanterns, Ahmed focused on listening to the old folk tune Baiju. [Detail]
At L'AROME, a French Restaurant in Nanjing, they tried the linguine with lobster sauce.[Detail]
The double-decker bus returned to Nanjing in August last year. The brightly colored bus shuttling through the city offers a unique, relaxed way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city and also a way to celebrate Spring Festival. [Detail]
Many Chinese people like watching a grand show on the first day of the Lunar New Year and believe it can bring good fortune. [Detail]
Our presenters, Ahmed from Egypt and Valeriya from Belarus visited the home of You Xin, a native of Nanjing, to taste an authentic family dinner on New Year’s Eve. [Detail]
Jakub from Poland is spending his seventh Spring Festival in Nanjing.[Detail]
For this Spring Festival, JiangsuNow has invited Valeriya from Belarus and Ahmed from Egypt to a guided tour in Nanjing and explore what’s tasty, interesting and touching about the city.[Detail]