Drift Bottle From Jiangsu

Health cooperation is an important part of the “Belt and Road” initiative. With abundant medical resources, Jiangsu has sent foreign aid medical teams, built medical centers, and trained health care professionals in the recipient countries in the past five years. The province has deepened health exchanges and cooperation with countries along the initiative and actively shared medical experiences with them. [Detail]
According to statistics, the number of foreign students in China reached 489,200 in 2017, up above 10 percent for two consecutive years. Among them, the number of international students from countries along the “Belt and Road” was 317,200, accounting for 64.85 percent of the total, and the increase rate of 11.58 percent was also higher than the average growth rate. China has become the largest destination for international students in Asia. [Detail]
with countries and regions along the “Belt and Road,” achieving fruitful results in the economic and trade development, mutual benefit and win-win. [Detail]
As Xinhua Daily continues a special report about Jiangsu people in the nation’s “Belt and Road” initiative through the form of a message in a bottle, this story will focus on the cultural exchanges. [Detail]
In special news coverage, Xinhua Daily will invite Jiangsu people from all across the world to share their stories and wishes in participating the nation’s Belt and Road initiative through the form of a message in a bottle. [Detail]