Healthy China

Gu Xiaosong, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and also director of Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Neuroregeneration, visited the Xinhua Daily Media Group on April 25 to receive the letter of appointment as the chief advisor to the group’s thinktank, when he was in Nanjing to attend and also chair the Healthy China and Healthy Industry Development Summit.[Detail]
The Healthy China and Healthy Industry Development Summit opened at the Xinhua Media Group Guangdong International Hotel in Nanjing City on April 26. [Detail]
The Taihu (Mashan) Life Science and Healthcare Forum opened in grand style on April 21 at the Taihu National Tourist Resort in Mashan, Wuxi's Binhu district, offering experience and advice for local development of the biomedicine industry. [Detail]
It is no surprise that patients often can't understand doctors' handwritten notes or prescriptions. But now, with artificial intelligence technology, doctors can simply dictate information, as their voices can be recognized automatically and converted into electronic medical records. [Detail]
Experts have called for increased efforts in developing precision medicine to fight China's most prevalent diseases. [Detail]
As many technology companies are joining the healthcare industry, artificial intelligence will drive the development of a new smart health model in the future, experts said on Thursday. [Detail]
A significant milestone occurred when the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) approved the Sabin strains of inactivated polio vaccines for human immunization in 2015, providing further safeguards to keep China polio-free. [Detail]
Tianjin University (TJU) established a division of medicine on April 14 to implement the Healthy China strategy and improve people's health standards. [Detail]
Chinese scientists have found genetic evidence illustrating some of the most intriguing talents of geckos, including climbing up smooth walls. [Detail]
A health official said that traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) will take a bigger role in medical reform as TCM has advantage in prevention and health care. [Detail]
A Beijing foundation that gave financial support to the compilation of a book on the use of traditional Chinese medicine is distributing 650,000 copies of it to healthcare centers in villages throughout China. [Detail]
Once eyed with suspicion for not being scientific enough, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) might just be about to take over the world. [Detail]
All the overseas students are treated in the same way as Chinese students and have to follow the strict management system. This means, that for Western students, studying Chinese medicine is not that easy. [Detail]
China's top experts in traditional Chinese medicine have developed seven treatments that can potentially combat the growing resistance to antibiotics, a global public health threat that could kill 10 million people a year by 2050. [Detail]