Craftsmen & intangible cultural heritages in Jiangsu

Gu Yeliang, an inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Qinhuai Lantern craftsmanship in Nanjing, has been promoting Qinhuai Lantern culture and products to more than 40 countries to date. [Detail]
The embroidery work "Lotus" by Suzhou embroidery master Yao Xuehua officially became part of the collection of the Louvre Museum. [Detail]
An inheritor of Nanjing intangible cultural heritage.[Detail]
She quit the lawyer career to realize her dream of art.[Detail]
As CCTV’s documentary “Masters in the Forbidden City” won a successful hit on screen last year, the “craftsman spirit” was revived and became a buzzword. In Nanjing, there are a group of elderlies who are fully deserved the title of "Masters” for applying all life passion and energy on one thing – crafting folding fans.[Detail]
A sailor makes models of wooden boats [Detail]
Jiangsu's provincial inheritor of Wu songs[Detail]
A young man shaking up the traditional embroidery industry. [Detail]
Wang Jian has spent 36 years promoting Suzhou fan culture.[Detail]