Introduction of the Memorial Hall of Iris Chang
2017-12-01 16:32:00

Iris Chang Memorial Hall is located at the north side of the ancient Huai River with an exhibition area of about 1,000 square meters. Its construction was completed at the end of 2016.

With the theme “For Unforgettable Memories”, the memorial hall is in purple blue mainly, and consists of six sections. The first section “Homeland on the Opposite Side of the Pacific” introduces the historic relationship between the family of Iris Chang with Huaiyin; the second section “Chinese Complex of Iris Chang” recalls how diligent and hard-working Iris Chang was as a student, and her passion for seeking roots in China; the third section “Truth-seeking The Rape of Nanking” tells the historic truth exposed in The Rape of Nanking, and how Iris Chang wrote this work; the fourth section “A Passionate Defender of Historic Truth” showcases the popularity of Iris Chang when she gave lectures and entered debates around North America for the purpose of defending historic justice; the fifth section “Ever-lasting Pursuit of Social Justice” presents how Iris Chang wrote the Thread of the Silkworm: Dr. Tsien Hsue Shen and the Chinese in America, and her cry for the rights and interests of Chinese in America; and the sixth section “An Angle of Justice” tells the short yet brilliant life of Iris Chang, and the society’s memories after her death.

This is the first memorial hall honoring Iris Chang in China and even the whole world. It reflects her diligent and splendid lifetime from many different angles with rich collections of items used by Iris Chang, pictures and images, and utilizing three-dimensional scenarios and multimedia equipment. Wu Weishan, an internationally famous sculptor, designed the sculpture of Iris Chang; Zhao Kai, a well-known poet, wrote a poem in memory of Iris Chang; and Qi Qinglong, a reputable calligrapher, inscribed the name.

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