Delegates Tales

Jing Haipeng , a delegate to the 19th CPC National Congress , was the first and only Chinese astronaut to have undertaken three separate space missions .He was the commander of the Shenzhou-11 spacecraft , and also flew the Shenzhou-7 and Shenzhou-9 . He ' s earned China ' s highest military honor .That ' s a total of 49 days , but this mission will require astronauts to be in space for at least three months or even longer .It is a highly anticipated mission , and I am definitely eager to go into space again . ".[Detail]
There are over 85 million people with physical challenges in China , accounting for six percent of the total population .Moreover , she hopes children with physical challenges will be more accepted and better supported from both the government and the society .[Detail]
Ships, such as aircraft carriers, are "instruments of national significance", said Wu Xiaoguang, chief designer of China's first domestic aircraft carrier. The country has achieved great progress since 2012, he said. [Detail]
Providing legal aid to people dealing with disputes or lawsuits is not easy work, but Xu Hui has provided such help for almost 20 years. [Detail]
" Right light in the front .Correct , " lifting two fingers and pointing it to the front , Guo Xuefei has done this over four million times , but he ’ s still trying to execute every gesture and order in perfect form , because for him .Being in the operation room and driving this train means great , great responsibility .[Detail]
When Zhong Jing, 35, moved to Longhe nine years ago, there was no clinic and no road. Sick villagers had to get up at 5 am and walk more than four hours to see a doctor. That's the only way they could return while the sun was still up.[Detail]
Su Tianmei, a delegate to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, dreams of carrying forward the Dong brocade-known locally as dongjin-and using the craft to help bring her neighbors out of poverty. [Detail]
The 55-year-old Yang, who is from Baisha Li autonomous county in Hainan province, has visited all 58 villages in the town of Da'an, which has a population of around 15,000, hundreds of times since he was promoted to deputy director of the township last year. [Detail]
There are close to 90 million members in the Communist Party of China . The vast majority of them are ordinary people working at the most basic level .A select group will attend this year ’ s party congress as delegates , in recognition of their outstanding contributions in service of the people .One of those delegates is a doctor who has been treating people in poor villages of Daning County in north China ’ s Shanxi Province .[Detail]
Jia Liqun , honorary director of the ultrasound department at Beijing Children ’ s Hospital and delegate spoke to reporters about policies for children ' s healthcare reform .[Detail]
Cao , who is attending the 19th CPC National Congress , fielded media questions on Thursday at the “ Delegates Corridor ” .[Detail]
Li Yuan , Party delegate and researcher at China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation talks about China ' s breakthroughs in aircraft technology .[Detail]
For the past 16 years, Yu Liufen has helped residents in Yanbo, a village in Guizhou province, eradicate poverty and develop the local economy.[Detail]