Delegates Tales

There are close to 90 million members in the Communist Party of China . The vast majority of them are ordinary people working at the most basic level .A select group will attend this year ’ s party congress as delegates , in recognition of their outstanding contributions in service of the people .One of those delegates is a doctor who has been treating people in poor villages of Daning County in north China ’ s Shanxi Province .[Detail]
Jia Liqun , honorary director of the ultrasound department at Beijing Children ’ s Hospital and delegate spoke to reporters about policies for children ' s healthcare reform .[Detail]
Cao , who is attending the 19th CPC National Congress , fielded media questions on Thursday at the “ Delegates Corridor ” .[Detail]
Li Yuan , Party delegate and researcher at China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation talks about China ' s breakthroughs in aircraft technology .[Detail]
For the past 16 years, Yu Liufen has helped residents in Yanbo, a village in Guizhou province, eradicate poverty and develop the local economy.[Detail]
Even before Yang Na was within sight , her laughter – high-pitched , crisp and clear – pierced the air .Even Yang ’ s grandmother , in a thin , frail voice , joined in . “ Grandma used to say , singing makes your heart fly , ” Yang Na says .[Detail]
May 17 , 2007 - - a big day for Shanghai ' s Yangshan port located in east China . But underneath the surface , the crew was preparing for battle .Yangshan port in Shanghai is the place where he works , one of the busiest container terminals on earth .Zhang Yan and his daughter . / CGTN Photo.[Detail]
Three deputies of Jiangsu born after the 1980s are attending the 19th CPC National Congress. These people have great vitality and are representatives of the young CPC members in Jiangsu. Let us get to know them and their concerns. [Detail]
Xu Qijin is a 54-year-old electrical technician from Suzhou in east China’s Anhui Province who has been elected as a delegate for the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC).[Detail]