To further integrate the internet of things technology and the healthcare industry, Wuxi, Jiangsu province, plans to shape a healthcare information system. It will include a smart healthcare management platform and four centers for private and public health data and demographic analysis. [Detail]
Wuxi is an energetic region in Jiangsu province that has been recognized as the second most livable city in China, behind only Hong Kong, according to a report released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Economic Daily in June.[Detail]
The 2017 World Internet of Things Exposition (WIOT) kicked off in Wuxi on Sept. 10. [Detail]
China ' s Internet of Things ( IoT ) industry has seen its output value exceed 900 billion yuan ( $ 140 billion ) , with a compound annual growth rate of over 25 percent , a senior official said Sunday .[Detail]
Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum was held during the 2017 World Internet of Things Exposition ( WIOT ) in Wuxi , Jiangsu province on Sep .[Detail]
Dr . Martin Lockstrom , Director of Xu Corporate Education ( China ) gave some examples of IoT application in his homeland Sweden during the 2017 World Internet of Things Exposition on Sept .[Detail]
The market volume of the Internet of Things ( IoT ) industry has reached $ 70 billion on a global scale and a year-on-year rise of 21% in 2016 , according to Luo Wen , vice minister of China ’ s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology .When he addressed a speech in WIOT Wuxi Summit on the morning of Sept .[Detail]
Children take a close look at an industrial drone at the 2017 World Internet of Things Wuxi Summit on Sept 10 ." Narrow band IoT is the latest IoT battlefield that global telecom carriers are scrambling for so they can establish a beachhead , " said Xiang Ligang , chief executive of telecom industry website Cctime .Li Shengfei , general manager of China Telecom ' s Shenzhen branch , said the company delivered the world ' s first commercial narrow band IoT-based Smart Water metering project in March by partnering with Huawei and Shenzhen Water .[Detail]
“ Some local governments in Europe want to make their own brand by building a smart city , ” said Dirk Lindemeier .[Detail]
The 2017 World Internet of Things Exposition kicked off in Wuxi on Sept .For emerging companies to the IoT applications , innovation in management and customer maintenance is of equal importance as in technology .[Detail]
Cutting-edge products of Internet of Things ( IoT ) were presented at the IoT Application and Production Exhibition , which started in Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center on Sept .[Detail]
Since becoming China ' s first and only national demonstration zone for internet of things in 2009 , the city of Wuxi in East China ' s economically powerful Jiangsu province has invested heavily in revolutionizing the way it does business .[Detail]
China Telecom of Jiangsu held a press conference to announce the new generation of NarrowBand Internet of Things — technological developments with online-integrated products in mind — would achieve full coverage of the province on Sept 7. The new technology was immediately put into commercial use in Jiangsu. [Detail]