2017Jiangsu PPC & CPPCC

27 - year-old Olga from Canada has been living in Nanjing for almost 10 years .[Detail]
On the occasion of the 2017 Jiangsu two sessions, Theresa Boersma from America listed some of her concerns for her second home.[Detail]
Li Qiang was selected as director of the standing committee of provincial people's congress at the fifth session of the 12th people's congress of Jiangsu province held recently.[Detail]
Women have been long caught in a dilemma of balancing their family life and career. The launch of the two-child policy added to the pressure.[Detail]
The 5th Plenary Session of 11th CPPCC Jiangsu Committee closes in Nanjing after successfully completing all tasks on Feb 9.[Detail]
The third bus passenger committee of Nanjing recently called for more preferential policies on bus transfer after successively conducting 21 thematic surveys since its establishment over one year ago.[Detail]
The 2017 Report on the Work of the Government proposed an in-depth implementation of an innovation-driven development strategy and an accelerated construction of regional innovation system.[Detail]
A number of rail transit lines between Nanjing and Zhenjiang will become reality soon, said Cao Lihong, member of CPPCC Jiangsu Committee and deputy mayor of Zhenjiang.[Detail]
Rupesh Regmi Peter, a young man from Nepal, shares his 11 years' experience in Jiangsu and his motivation for running a start-up company.[Detail]
The panel discussion of the 5th session of the 12th provincial people's congress was held on February 7.[Detail]
Zhai You, a member of CPPCC Jiangsu Committee, found an art museum in Nanjing's Mataijie neighborhood. The art museum covers an area of 800 square meters and holds exhibitions from time to time.[Detail]
Low-income people are most vulnerable when it comes to major diseases. According to statistics, such people account for 64.8 percent of the total low-income group in Jiangsu Province.[Detail]
Jiangsu should build a modern science center with its own characteristics, said Ruan Renliang, member of CPPCC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Vice President of Jiangsu Provincial Association of Science and Technology, said at the fifth group meeting of the 11th CPPCC Jiangsu Provincial Committee on the afternoon of Feb 6.[Detail]
The goal of achieving 1.5-hour transportation circle was proposed at the 13th Party Congress of CPC in Jiangsu Province by the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan Period.[Detail]
Jiangsu recently issued a document titled "Guiding Opinions on Cultivating and Building Jiangsu-Featured Small Towns" which states that Jiangsu will strive to successively cultivate and build about 100 featured small towns in the future three to five years, according to jschina.com.cn reported on Feb 7. [Detail]