• Climbing Mountains
    People like to climb mountains on this festival , so Double Ninth Festival is also called "Mountain-climbing Festival" .The 9th lunar month, with clear autumn sky and bracing air, is a good time for sightseeing. So people, both ancient and present, love to go sightseeing this month.
  • Eating Double Ninth Cake
    It is said that the cake was originally prepared after autumn harvests for farmers to have a taste of what was just in season, and it gradually grew into the present cake for people to eat on the Double Ninth Day.
  • Drinking Chrysanthemum Flower Wine
    The wine is said to have wholesome effects on sharpness of the eye, alleviation of headache, drop of hypertension, reduction of weight and removal of stomach trouble, thus contributing to longevity.
  • Wearing Dogwood
    The dogwood is a species of evergreen arbor; it is heavy-scented plant whose fruit is edible and stock and leaves can be medicinal materials. They can expel insects, get rid of the humidity, help digestion and cure inner heat.
  • Enjoying Chrysanthemum Flowers
    Chrysanthemum originated in China and was recorded in some Chinese books as early as the 5th century B . C . Chrysanthemum blossom in the ninth lunar month have a beautiful name of “ flower of longevity ”.