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Editor's Notes: Long distance separates no kins and bosom friends when we all draw strength from the values that we hold dear. On May 20, over 1,200 prominent figures who were born or once worked in Jiangsu province participated in the Jiangsu Development Summit.What impressed them most in 2017, and any wishes for 2018? JiangsuNow interviewed some of them via WeChat and phone.


Born in Liyang of Jiangsu province in 1962, Wu Ke became the youngest Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering at the age of 39, and he was later inducted Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. In 2016, Wu Ke chaired the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, becoming the third non-American chairman since its foundation in 1952. (full story>>)


As one of the initiators of Jiangsu Nanjing-Lawrence Berkeley Life Science Center, he is among Jiangsu’s “Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents”, as well as an invited council member of Biotechnology Association of Jiangsu. He is also a visiting professor with Nanjing Medical University and the president of a biotechnology company in Nanjing. (full story>>)


“Jiangsu has achieved much in construction and reform in 2017. As one of the Jiangsu compatriots living overseas, I’m proud of Jiangsu.” said Zhang Jun, a legal scholar and trial lawyer in the Federal Supreme Court of the United States. (full story>>)


Wu Hao was sent to study in Francisk Skorina Gomel State University of the Republic of Belarus by Yangzhou Normal University (now Yangzhou University) in Sep. 1993 and was awarded a MA degree in Russian Language and Literature with distinction. Wu went to Maxim Gorky Literature Institute for a doctorate in central Moscow in Russia, Oct. 1999. Then he received the PhD of Literature diploma from Higher Attestation Commission of Russia in 2003. (full story>>)


It was five years ago when JiangsuNow reporter first knew Lee Changyu on the famous talk show, A Date with Lu Yu. Lee Changyu and Tsui Hark, the well-known Vietnam-born Chinese director, were invited as guests in the show. Then 76-year-old Lee shocked the audience by claiming that he could easily knock Tsui down on the ground. (full story>>)


Wu Weishan, born in Dongtai of Jiangsu province, is a distinguished sculptor who has created lots of great sculpture artworks with international influence. Titled as Curator of National Art Museum of China, Vice-chairman of China Artists Association, and President of China City Sculpture Committee, Wu has long been committed to expressing the spirit of Chinese culture through his sculptures. (full story>>)

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