Zhenjiang Historic and Cultural Tour
2011-12-19 10:26:00

  If you are a fan of Chinese history and culture, you may find your trip in Zhenjiang more interesting and colorful than you expected. Among all the historic and cultural sites, Xijin Ancient Street and Former British Consulate are the must-sees in Zhenjiang.

  Xijin Ancient Street

  Xijin Ancient Street, located at the foot of Yuntai Mountain, the south of the city, originally built in Six Dynasty and flourishing in the Tang and Song Dynasties. It has been awarded the Distinguished Proteciton Project of Cultrual Heritage of United Nations. There are a lot of ancient relics in the street, such as lifesaving organization, Guanyin Cave, Xijin Ancient Ferry, etc. The only most-protective and oldest stone pagoda of China is standing across the street, which is also the natinal protective relic unit. There are more than 150 shops of differet kinds along Xijin Ancient Street. The hamnious and blends of religious, cultural, nature and human fully appear here.



  Former British Consulate

  At the intersection of Ancient Xijin Street and Boxian Road, there stands a western-style architectural complex of five buildings. This is the national key protective relic unit------Former British Consulate. The main buliding is of East Indian style, and the other four are of Gothic style. Now it belongs to Zhenjiang Museum.



  Hengshun Vinegar Factory

  The smell of vinegar will greet you, when you enter into Zhenjiang Hengshun Vinegar Factory. Zhenjiang Hengshun Vinegar Factory was founded in the Qing Dynasty (1840), which is the cradle of Chinese vinegar industry. It is also among the list of first batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage.

  Hengshun vinegar needs to be produced via more than 40 procedures and takes over 60 days. The unique skills of production make Hengshun vinegar own five unique characteristics “color, fragrance, acid, alcohol and strength”. Here, you can learn about the artistry of making vinegar and witness the birth of this “acid sauce”.



Source:visitzhenjiang Editor:吴心海