Zhenjiang Grand Rivers Scenery Tour
2011-12-19 10:22:00

  Always long to see the grand view of the Yangtze River and the Grand Canal of China? Zhenjiang offers you the chance to appreciate the two rivers at the same time. Take our Grand Rivers Scenery Tour and see the magnificent view with your own eyes!



  Runyang Bridge

  Runyang Bridge links Zhenjiang on the south bank of Yangtze River and Yangzhou on the north. The bridge is part of the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway as well.

  Composed of a suspension bridge in the south and a Cable Bridge in the north, Runyang Bridge is a rarity in the world. The main span of the southern part reaches 1,490 meters, which makes it the longest suspension bridge in Asia and the third in the world till now.

  Grand Canal

  The Yangtze River intersects the Grand Canal at Zhenjiang, which forms the biggest golden cross water system in China. The length of Grand Canal in Zhenjiang is 42 kilometers. Since Tang Dynasty, Zhenjiang has been an important place for waterway and roadway. The poem “a boat flowing three thousand miles sees ten thousand houses with lights along the river” shows a picture of flourishing Zhenjiang along the Grand Canal.


Source:visitzhenjiang Editor:吴心海