Jinshan Temple,located on the slope that was built over 1600 years ago,is the most famous for a legend about a white snake that turned into a girl and married a young scholar named Xu Xian. It is one of the national key scenic spots and national 4A tourist regions. As a national key protective relic unit,cliff inscriptions and forest of steles are worth visiting. Dinghui Temple was originally built 1800 years ago(East Han dynasty),one of the famous temples in China. The Maoshan Taosim Temple is the birthplace of the Qing Faction of Taoism and is also one of the national key open temples. [Detail]
Always long to see the grand view of the Yangtze River and the Grand Canal of China?Zhenjiang offers you the chance to appreciate the two rivers at the same time. Take our Grand Rivers Scenery Tour and see the magnificent view with your own eyes 。 Runyang Bridge links Zhenjiang on the south bank of Yangtze River and Yangzhou on the north. The main span of the southern part reaches 1490 meters,which makes it the longest suspension bridge in Asia and the third in the world till now. The poem“a boat flowing three thousand miles sees ten thousand houses with lights along the river”shows a picture of flourishing Zhenjiang along the Grand Canal. [Detail]
If you are a fan of Chinese history and culture,you may find your trip in Zhenjiang more interesting and colorful than you expected. Among all the historic and cultural sites,Xijin Ancient Street and Former British Consulate are the must-sees in Zhenjiang. The only most-protective and oldest stone pagoda of China is standing across the street,which is also the natinal protective relic unit. This is the national key protective relic unit------Former British Consulate. The main buliding is of East Indian style,and the other four are of Gothic style. Find out more historic and cultural sites! [Detail]
Zhenjiang offers some pure ecological and agricultural sites. Come and visit our Nanshan Farm,agriculture garden,as well as resort! Have fun picking fruits with your own hands,fishing and breathing the fresh air. Situated in Ju Rong,Zhenjiang,Nanshan Farm is full of pretty and lovely countryside scenery. Inside Nanshan Farm,there are sightseeing gardens,vegetable lands,tea fields,fruits gardens,bamboo gardens and so on. Are grown inside the agricultural garden. Here you’re able to pick up and taste the fresh fruits as you wish. [Detail]
Zhenjiang is a small city in Jiangsu province but it is very convenient for you to get here. We have provided you with the railway information search tool below。 Travel China Guide—Train search tool 。 Zhenjiang has a comprehensive road transportation network. You can easy contact them and get the transportation information you want 。 Serves coach and charter buses to neighboring cities and other provinces. Call the station or consult your hotel to get information 。 Address:67 Zhongshan West Road 。 Address:25 Jiafang Road 。 Address:Zhongshan West Road 。 [Detail]
Although a small city in comparison to Beijing or Shanghai,Zhenjiang is becoming an important tourist destination. It's not hard to find suitable accommodations when you visit as there are plenty of hotels and apartments ranging from star-rated hotels to ordinary budget ones for those looking for a more economic option 。 Four-star Hotels in Zhenjiang 。 Name:Zhenjiang International Hotel 。 Features:410 guestrooms and suites,covering an area of 56000 square meters,services include business,dinning,recreation and conferences 。 Features:168 guestrooms and suites,600 dinning seats,high-speed internet access 。 [Detail]