Legend of the White Snake(白蛇传)is one of the most famous tales spreading out among folks in ancient China. The tale goes that a white snake came to the human world as she was longing for human life(another version holds that she wanted to repay an obligation),and married a scholar named Xu Xian. Who maintained that coexistence of human and evil spirit was unallowable. It is said that Madam White Snake met Xu Xian on the now"Broken Bridge"at the White Dike of the West Lake Up to now,visitors may still recall the story as they view and admire this scenic spot. [Detail]
Nine projects in Zhenjiang are shortlisted as the fourth batch of Jiangsu provincial-level intangible cultural heritage representatives on Nov 19.[Detail]
Xijin Ancient Street,located at the foot of Yuntai Mountain,the south of the city,was originally built in the Six Dynasty and flourished in the Tang and Song Dynasties. It has been awarded the Distinguished Protecton Project of Cultrual Heritage of the United Nations. The most-protected and oldest stone pagoda of China is standing across the street,which is also the key national relic protection unit. The harmonious blends of religion,culture,nature and human fully appear here. When you come to Xijin Ancient Street,you will feel as if you are having a walk in a out-door history museum. [Detail]
There are few tall buildings in Zhenjiang,whose main streets are lined with large oriental plane trees The air is clean and fresh from all the plants growing there. It was originally named Qiaoshan Hill Wandering on the hill,visitors encounter a deserted fort with decomposing earthen walls. All that remains of the ferry stop are a few stone steps buried underground that are revealed through a glass viewing panel set up for tourists But the ferry street has managed to survive along with architecture from different periods of history still standing on either side. [Detail]
With a history of over 3000 years,Zhenjiang is a famous historical and cultural city and a top tourist destination,as well as a state model city for environmental protection in Jiangsu,China. With a large number of cultural relics and historical spots,Zhenjiang boasts three state-level and nineteen provincial-level units of cultural artifact protection. It depicts a fantastic love story of a magic white snake thousands of years old reuniting with her human lover. This folk story has been adopted,edited and played in many Chinese folk operas,novels and movies. [Detail]
Wang Changling:Pure heart 。 Along the river that merged with a cold rain,we entered the Wu city late at night. If my kinsfolk in Luoyang should feel concerned,please tell them for my part,like a piece of ice in a crystal vessel,forever aloof and pure remains my heart 。 If my kinsfolk in Luoyang should feel concerned,please tell them for my part,like a piece of ice in a crystal vessel,forever aloof and pure remains my heart 。 Where I gaze over the Central Palin of the country?The landscape seen from Beigu Tower meets my eyes with no entry. The spring wind haas dyed the river green again. When will the bright moon see me return home? [Detail]