the Yanchun Jiulou
2011-12-27 11:07:00


Yanchun Jiulou(宴春酒楼)

Among the locals, the most famous restaurant in town is the Yanchun Jiulou, on an alley just north of Daxi Lu, a short way east of the former British Consulate. Specialties here include little appetizers of cold dishes brought round on a trolley - salads, stuffed buns and diced rectangles of pork which have been tenderized so that they literally melt in the mouth. Downstairs is a cheap canteen. This area of the old town also contains numerous noodle and dumpling shops. For fast food Chinese style - try the food street down a small alley one block south of and parallel to Zhongshan Dong Lu, to the west of the Guoji Hotel. It is usually open from 5pm until around 2am every night. Editor:乙姗姗