Local food and cuisine
2011-12-26 11:34:00
Zhenjiang cuisine belongs to the Huaiyang cuisine (one of the four cuisines of China). In general, Jiangsu
cuisine's  texture  is characterized as soft, but not  to  the point of mushy or falling apart. Other characters
include the strict selection of ingredients according to the seasons, emphasis on the matching color and
shape of each dish and emphasis on using soups to improve flavors.
Dear Friends, if you will be in Zhenjiang, you cannot miss the “three fishes, two heads and three strange
things”, which are the most characteristic dishes in Zhenjiang. 
Three  fishes  represent  reeves shad, saury and  longsnout catfish;  two heads  indicate head of chub and
lion-head meatball with crab roe; three strange things stands for the salted pork in jelly which is not a dish,
the vinegar that won’t deteriorate and the pot cover floating in the noodles pot. Are you interested in  the
local food and cuisine of Zhenjiang?
Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:乙姗姗