three fishes, two heads and three strange things
2011-12-19 10:20:00

  Zhenjiang cuisine, which is among Huaiyang Cuisine, is delicate in taste as well as in appearance. It is best known for the “three fishes, two heads and three strange things”. Why not come and find out the special features of Zhenjiang food with your own eyes and mouth?



  Three Fishes

  Three fishes represent Reeves Shad, Saury and Longsnout Catfish; two heads indicate head of chub and lion-head meatball with crab roe; three strange things means that salted pork in jelly is not a dish, the vinegar won’t deteriorate and pot cover floating in the noodles pot.

  Zhenjiang Vinegar

  The best vinegar is in Zhejiang, located in Jiangsu province. Zhenjiang vinegar is unique for its color, fragrance, acid, pure and dense material among other kinds of vinegar in China. Taste it, you will feel acid and delicious, fragrant and sweet. The longer you keep it, the better it tastes. This is one of the “three strange things”, which will never deteriorate. 

Source:visitzhenjiang Editor:乙姗姗