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Zhenjiang lies in the southwest of Jiangsu province. It is situated at the intersection of the Yangtze River and the Grand Canal (the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal), the longest man-made canal in the world. It lies to the east of Nanjing, west of Shanghai and south of Nantong.

It serves as an important transportation hub in the Yangtze River Delta. Zhenjiang Port, one of the 5 major ports in Jiangsu (the other four are Nanjing Port, Suzhou Port, Nantong Port and Lianyungang Port), is an important transfer port for goods from the upper and middle parts of the Yangtze River. It is 90 km away from Nanjing Lukou Airport and 60 km from Changzhou Luosuye Airport. The Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, No. 312 State Highway and No. 104 State Highway go through the city. The Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway, scheduled for construction in 2008, will cut the driving time from Zhenjiang to Shanghai to 1 hour.

Legend of the White Snake(白蛇传)is one of the most famous tales spreading out among folks in ancient China. The tale goes that a white snake came to the human world as she was longing for human life(another version holds that she wanted to repay an obligation),and married a scholar named Xu Xian. Who maintained that coexistence of human and evil spirit was unallowable. It is said that Madam White Snake met Xu Xian on the now"Broken Bridge"at the White Dike of the West Lake Up to now,visitors may still recall the story as they view and admire this scenic spot.
Jinshan Temple,located on the slope that was built over 1600 years ago,is the most famous for a legend about a white snake that turned into a girl and married a young scholar named Xu Xian. It is one of the national key scenic spots and national 4A tourist regions. As a national key protective relic unit,cliff inscriptions and forest of steles are worth visiting. Dinghui Temple was originally built 1800 years ago(East Han dynasty),one of the famous temples in China. The Maoshan Taosim Temple is the birthplace of the Qing Faction of Taoism and is also one of the national key open temples.
The smell of vinegar will greet you when you enter into Zhenjiang Hengshun Vinegar Factory. Zhenjiang Hengshun Vinegar Factory was founded in the Qing Dynasty(1840),which is the cradle of Chinese vinegar industry. It is also among the list of first batch National Intangible Cultural Heritage. Hengshun vinegar,to be produced,needs more than 40 procedures and takes over 60 days. It`s five unique characteristics.