Yangzhou Lacquerware products and handicrafts are well known both domestically and abroad. The history of the ware can be tracked back to the Warring States Period,2000 years ago,and is a well-known popular gift. The lacquerware products can be used in a diversity of places,like bowls,trays,screens,small decorative boxes,tables and other furnitures. [Detail]
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Yangzhou has a history of almost 2,500 years, being founded in the Spring and Autumn Period when it was called Guangling. It was called Hancheng during Warring States Period (403-221 BC) (Perkins).[Detail]
Works of Xiong Chongrong,master of Yangzhou paper-cut,are printed on New Year Stamps of Macao. All the 5 chosen paper cuttings are dragons in different patterns. [Detail]
But they opened a new era in Chinese painting history and created new flower-and-bird painting methods 。 He was interested in painting in his childhood and made a name for himself in painting circles at the age of only 16.He served as a county magistrate in Teng County of Shandong Province. He lived in a poor family when he was young and then made a living in Yangzhou by selling paintings. He was the most successful candidate in the highest imperial examination and had served as a county magistrate in Shandong Province. Their creative thinking is the valuable cultural heritage for us to study and hand down. [Detail]
It said that when Emperor Yang in the Sui Dynasty visited Yangzhou for three times,a lot of temporary palaces were built here and there to offer recreation for him. The ice blocks were removed away from the pond that was decorated with the brocade patterns mentioned above. The famous poet Du Fu once wrote that“Wash my feet by warm water,and cut paper to call for my fetch”right showed the usage of paper-cut 。 The cleaver folk paper-cut craftsmen cut various patterns with fortunate and wealthy meanings by a knife and some Xuan paper. The ice blocks were removed away from the pond that was decorated with the brocade patterns mentioned above. [Detail]
Yangzhou jade wares have fluid lines and a transparent quality. Shanghai jade wares are made in imitation of ancient style bronzeware. The jade making skills of all these regions have been handed down for many generations and have formed their distinct characteristics over time 。 Chinese jadeware has a long history. A man of virtue considered his jade to be the symbol of his virtue and he took great care not to lose it. Clearly,jade played a very important role in people's spiritual and cultural life during the period. There are many moving historical stories about the jade treasures of the different kingdoms of the time. [Detail]
Yang Opera,originally called"Weiyang Opera",is one of the local operas in Jiangsu Province. Yang Opera has over 100 tunes. The characters include sheng(male character type),dan(female character type),jing(painted face)and chou(clown).The performance,mainly absorbing that of Kun and Beijing operas,has kept the simple and vivid characteristics of the flower drum opera. It has over 400 traditional plays,and over 100 modern and re-written plays. In recent years,many plays have won awards at national opera competitions. [Detail]