Three-head banquet
2011-12-23 08:58:00

  Three-head banquet(三头宴)

Yangzhou three-head dish is the famous dishes that are cooked with the usual or muttony raw materials of Huaiyang dishes. The subtle change in the pot is very important for cooking the dish. The cooking of three-head dishes displays the fineness and the strong point of stewing of the Huaiyang dishes and keeps the intact shape. But the meat is crisp without bone, soft and smooth, fresh with thick marinade and with the flavor of the daily food. You never will be tired of it.

Fish-head dish is a famous dish of Huaiyang. The Fish Product of Ming Dynasty evaluates that the chub with big head has many meat and is excellent for cooking. Zheng Banqiao also wrote “drink under the moon in the middle of the night, the beauty roasts the fish head with her slim hand”.

Cooking the fish of the lake with the lake water has different natural taste. Simmered pork head of Yangzhou in Qing Dynasty was very popular. The poetry of Watching Jiangnan written by Huang Dingmin says, “Yangzhou is a good place. You can travel in Fahai Temple.

The empty hall on lake opens to the opposite bank. The tower on the waterside is reflected on the middle stream of the river. People use the pork head to ask the guest to stay.” Entertaining the guest with pork head is formed as the customs.

The Crab Powder Ball is also getting popular both at home and abroad. The three-head dish is used together to be served on a banquet in recent years and get the popularity. The poem of Mr. Zhengbi says that “Yang Zhou is a good place with the three-head dish for the banquet. The lotus in the plate is like jade, people eat the delicious dish of pork head. The good smell last long. Editor:吴心海