Also named Yangzhou egg fried rice, Yangzhou fried rice is a simple homemade dish, made from leftover rice and other dishes. Its origin stems from General Yang Su of the Sui Dynasty (581 - 618), who liked eating 'suijin rice' (egg fried rice) on many occasions and thus introduced it to Yangzhou culture when he escorted Emperor Yangdi to patrol Jiangdu. Not just eaten at home, it is also served as a must-have food dish before dessert in Chinese feasts. Naturally, there is a great variety of styles of Yangzhou fried rice, among which Fried Rice with Meat and Vegetables is the most well-known.[Detail]
Yechun teahouse, with a history of more than 200 years and a good reputation restaurant, attracts the crowds in Yangzhou, east China's Jiangsu Province.[Detail]
Huai Yang Cuisine began during the Pre-Qin Period,becoming very famous during the sui and Tang dynasties,and was recognized as a distinct regional style during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Raw materials include fresh and live aquatic products. The carving techniques are delicate,of which the melon carving technique is especially well-known. The flavor of Huai Yang cuisine is light,fresh and sweet. [Detail]
Crab Powder Ball(琵琶虾球)The famous Yangzhou dish is named according to the shape and is very big. The cooking method in the north is not longer than the Yangzhou Balls. [Detail]
Yangzhou three-head dish is the famous dishes that are cooked with the usual or muttony raw materials of Huaiyang dishes. Zheng Banqiao also wrote“drink under the moon in the middle of the night,the beauty roasts the fish head with her slim hand”.Cooking the fish of the lake with the lake water has different natural taste. Simmered pork head of Yangzhou in Qing Dynasty was very popular. The empty hall on lake opens to the opposite bank. The tower on the waterside is reflected on the middle stream of the river. The three-head dish is used together to be served on a banquet in recent years and get the popularity. [Detail]
Braised Shredded Chicken with Ham and Dried Tofu is a famous Chinese dish. It is soft with flavor and extremely fine with the characteristics of thin,hot,soup and change.[Detail]
The Yangzhou Pickles have a national reputation for their delicious, sweet, scrip and tender tastes, and are one of the most famed food products of Yangzhou. There are two famous brands of Yangzhou pickles: Sanhe and Simei , and both of them have a long history in manufacture of pickles.[Detail]