Yancheng National Nature Reserve
2011-12-20 14:27:00

Birds in Dafeng wetland

The Nature Reserve is the largest coastal wetland reserve in the East of China with international prestige, which occupies 453,000 ha coastal wetland and 582 km of coastline.

The reserve harbors a great diversity in plant species and is an important wintering habitat for many bird species, especially the red crowned crane. In addition, the wetland reserve shelters an enormous number of other species of insects, fish, and animals including some endangered species. Noticed by Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, the protected diversity of species includes 43 coelenterates, 65 annelids, 156 mollusks, 310 insects, 281 fish, 45 amphibians and reptiles, 379 birds and 47 mammals. There are about 3 million individuals of more than 200 bird species annually migrating through the region.

As one of the highly conserved natural habitats in the world, the Yancheng National Nature Reserve has earned its international prominence. The reserve started to accept tourists in 2004 and since then a tremendous number of tourists have visited the reserve. The reserve has established a small zoo where the wounded birds and animals are hosted for treatments, and the zoo provides tourists opportunities to see bird facilities, crane pavilions and waterfowl lakes, and to participate a video training course for nature protection.

Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:吴心海