Withered-branch Peony Garden
2011-12-20 14:22:00

This withered-branch peony is a special species of the peony tree reported in China, derived from Bianchang Township more than 700 years ago and the township is under the jurisdiction of Yancheng. There were lots of legends about the plant in local folklores and these legendary stories have lasted for generations.

The peony tree has tree branches that looked dried-up and are easily lit, even though they are alive. It is said that the tree in general has 12 petals when it is blossoming but changes to 13 petals whenever the year contains 13 months in Chinese Lunar Calendar. The blooming season for the peony tree is usually the spring but sometimes the tree blossoms at the end of autumn or during the beginning of winter, with dried-up branches and no leaves.

Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:吴心海