Pere David's Deer in Dafeng Yancheng Dafeng Milu National Nature Reserve is specifically designed to conserve and naturalize an endangered deer species,Pere David's Deer or Milu in Chinese. They reach maturity at about 14 months,and have been known to reach the age of 23 years. Adults have summer coats that are bright red with a dark dorsal stripe,and dark gray winter coats. Hunting is thought to have been the main cause for the original decline of this wild deer. [Detail]
The Nature Reserve is the largest coastal wetland reserve in the East of China with international prestige,which occupies 453000 ha coastal wetland and 582 km of coastline. The reserve harbors a great diversity in plant species and is an important wintering habitat for many bird species,especially the red crowned crane. There are about 3 million individuals of more than 200 bird species annually migrating through the region 。 As one of the highly conserved natural habitats in the world,the Yancheng National Nature Reserve has earned its international prominence. [Detail]
Located in the western suburb of Yandu County(under Yancheng City s jurisdiction),the Dazong Lake(Dazonghu Lake,Lake Dazong)Scenic Region occupies 30 square kilometers and is the deepest lake in the North of Jiangsu 。 The government has invested millions in improving the lake s infrastructures,promoting its environment protection,and increasing its attraction to tourists. The tourist region provides an eco-tourist model to the public and has been listed as one of the national 4-AAAA tourist attractions. [Detail]
This withered-branch peony is a special species of the peony tree reported in China,derived from Bianchang Township more than 700 years ago and the township is under the jurisdiction of Yancheng. There were lots of legends about the plant in local folklores and these legendary stories have lasted for generations 。 The blooming season for the peony tree is usually the spring but sometimes the tree blossoms at the end of autumn or during the beginning of winter,with dried-up branches and no leaves. [Detail]
The place is a nature reserve as well as a tourist attraction site 。 This area mainly includes the intersection where nine rivers converge together and form a widely opened surface,looking like nine dragons joining up. The lake s ecosystem is under good protection and the authority has installed numerous programs for tourism. [Detail]
The memorial hall is the largest memorial division of the Fourth Army military unit,founded during the Anti-Japanese War in World War II. The hall is mainly comprised of three parts:the old army headquarter,the old square where the army was founded and the memorial facilities. General Ye Ting was the army commander。 General Xiang Ying was the deputy army commander. The army was heavily damaged during the conflict with other fractions of the National Revolutionary Army. It was fully reorganized later and remained in active combat until the end of the war. [Detail]