Dongtai Hair embroidery,a handcraft embodied with both antique craft and state-of-the art skills. Whereas until the period in late Qing Dynasty,such wonderful art declined even to disappear,and people can appreciate its splendid charms by the collections in museums. It was not by accident for Dongtai to become the new birthplace of in the"Hair embroidery. Nowadays,such antique oriental art of Hair embroidery marks a new epoch. Dongtai"Chinese Hair Embroidery"won decades of domestic awards,and honors in international expositions and folk art expositions,which catches much attention of high-level executive leaders. [Detail]
As the major place of origin and popular region,Huai’an has 4 professional Huaiju Opera troupes at present. With a history of over 100 years,Huaiju originated from Yangge and work song in the countryside,and later absorbed elements from Kunqu Opera and Anhui Opera. Its famous plays include“White Snake Legend”。 [Detail]
Yancheng Museum was built in 1961 to preserve and to study the history of Yancheng. Currently there are more than 16000 pieces of cultural relics and relevant items are displayed and the materials are often from Ming and Qing Dynasties. [Detail]
Hu Qiaomu served as member of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee,Director of the Party Literature Research Center of the Central Committee,Director of the Party History Research Center of the Central Committee and President of the Chinese Academy of Social Science in the 1980s.They were always referred to“Two Qiaos”of Yancheng. [Detail]
It occupies a floor space of 60000 square meters with its body building of 18000 square meters. It was designed by Mr Cheng Taining,an academician of Chinese academy of engineering and one of the winners of the highest award of Chinese architecture design□□□□Liang Sicheng Award. China Sea-salt Museum was completed and thrown open to the public in November 2008.Its display 。 It is the source of sea-salt culture along the lower reaches of Huaihe River and the coast of the Yellow Sea. The foundation of China Sea-salt Museum lays out how the history of sea-salt development has been affecting all aspects of the particular region including Yancheng 。 [Detail]