This local food,dubbed Jade-belt Cake,is specifically prepared for Chinese New Year,which has a history of 2000 years. It is served during the Chinese Lunar New Year. [Detail]
INGREDIENTS 1 bag bream slices(1/21b.),3oz.preserved mustard green,3c.stock,lt. Put the stock into a pot,bring to a boil,add the breams and mustard green to cook,then add salt to taste. Add noodles to cook until done,then remove and cook with the stock for 5 minutes,remove from heat and ready to serve. [Detail]
Taking Huaiyang cuisine in Su cuisine as its main body,Yancheng cuisine is stressing on material choice,professional in soup boiling. Local delicacies include Dongtai Fish Soup Noodles,Jianhu Lotus Root Powder Balls,Braised Fish Skin,Yancheng Qiyuan Crab Yuk Bun,Fried Shrimps in Soy,Stewing Mullet,and Weever with four Gills,which was the imperial tribute before. [Detail]