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City profile

Yancheng has Huanghai Sea on the east side, Nantong and Taizhou on the south, Huai’an and Yangzhou on the west and facing Lianyungang across Guanhe. Yancheng has been endowed with advantaged land, sea and wetland resources.

It has the largest land area of 17,000 square kilometers and the longest coastline of 582 kilometers in Jiangsu Province. The wetland is 455,300 hectare and 70% of the provincial wetland area. The length of the coastline accounts for 56% of that of Jiangsu Province.

Now the coast south of Sheyang embouchure is enlarging by over 10 square kilometers every year, which is called “Gold Coast”. It is the largest and the most potential land resource backup in Jiangsu Province. 

In 1983, Yancheng was authorized to be a municipality. There are two county-level city of Dongtai and Dafeng together with five counties of Jianhu, Sheyang, Funing, Binhai and Xiangshui under its jurisdiction.

The urban city has been divided into Yandu District, Tinghu District, Yancheng Economic and Technologic Development Zone and New District in Southern Town. The whole area of Yancheng is 17,000 square kilometers. The population registered by the end of the year is 816,120,000 where as the population residing here is 748,180,000 (the urban population is 1,620,000). It has the largest area and the second largest population in the Jiangsu Province.

Dongtai Hair embroidery,a handcraft embodied with both antique craft and state-of-the art skills. Whereas until the period in late Qing Dynasty,such wonderful art declined even to disappear,and people can appreciate its splendid charms by the collections in museums. It was not by accident for Dongtai to become the new birthplace of in the"Hair embroidery. Nowadays,such antique oriental art of Hair embroidery marks a new epoch. Dongtai"Chinese Hair Embroidery"won decades of domestic awards,and honors in international expositions and folk art expositions,which catches much attention of high-level executive leaders.
Pere David's Deer in Dafeng Yancheng Dafeng Milu National Nature Reserve is specifically designed to conserve and naturalize an endangered deer species,Pere David's Deer or Milu in Chinese. They reach maturity at about 14 months,and have been known to reach the age of 23 years. Adults have summer coats that are bright red with a dark dorsal stripe,and dark gray winter coats. Hunting is thought to have been the main cause for the original decline of this wild deer.
This local food,dubbed Jade-belt Cake,is specifically prepared for Chinese New Year,which has a history of 2000 years. It is served during the Chinese Lunar New Year.