Yunlong Hill Scenic Region
2011-12-20 14:13:00

Yunlong Hill Clouds and Dragon Hill - is located in the southern suburb of Xuzhou. The hill is 104 meters in height and runs 3 kilometers from its east to the west end. The hill rises gradually and thus is easy to climb.

The hill is covered by a dense forest with numerous tree species and is usually surrounded by cloud-like fogs.

There are two Buddhist temples on the summit of the hill, Xinghua Temple and Guanyin Temple, with many historic relics and a number of legends. Due to its splendid and fertile landscape and the sweeping views that it offers over the Yunlong Lake, Yunlong Hill has in the past attracted many well known poets, generals, scholars and even emperors. They left behind valuable poems, writings, paintings and scriptures.

The site has been listed as one of the national tourist attractions. Editor:吴心海