Yunlong Lake Scenic Region Yunlong Aquarium
2011-12-20 14:11:00

The lake (Clouds and Dragon Lake, Yunlong Aquarium) lies in the southern suburb of the city of Xuzhou and is around six square kilometers in size. The lake is one of the most popular places in Xuzhou to visit.

Yunlong Lake can be divided into three major districts according to their functions: the eastern district for tourism, the western district for natural reserve and the south for entertainment. The lake is surrounded by hills in three directions: south, west, and east, and the Northern Levee, 5 km in length, protects the northern side of the lake, with 37.5 meters in height and 20 meters in width decorated in trees and landscapes. The famous Yunlong Hill is to its eastern shore. A path divides the lake into two halves the eastern and western half.

Yunlong Aquarium is located on the Lake Central Island and is a popular place for family trips.

In the ancient dynasties, many celebrities such as the poet Su Shi left behind a lot of historic relics and they are now the treasures of the lake. Editor:吴心海