Horse Training Terrace of Xiang Yu - Xi Ma Tai (historic)
2011-12-20 14:10:00

Horse Training Terrace of Xiang Yu - Xi Ma Tai - is the earliest historic relic recognized in Xuzhou, which was once the capital for the West Chu State and was called Pengcheng at that time. The military camp was erected in 206 B.C, more than 2,200 years ago, to watch and train horses used for battles. The King of West Chu State, Xiang Yu (232 201 B.C.) a well-known Chinese historic hero in the late time of Qin Dynasty, often came here to inspect his troopers and army horses. 

The historic place has been protected well and has attracted many people in China s ancient dynasties coming to pay respect to the king. However, he was a failed king who was unable maintain his state. His state only lasted for five years and was eventually eliminated by an insurgent faction led by Liu Bang, the first Emperor of Han Dynasty later in Chinese history. Xiang Yu was a loser from a political standpoint, but has been respected by many Chinese nationalities due to his fine personal characters of bravery, caring for soldiers, and forthrightness. 

Many well-known poets, generals, scholars, and politicians in ancient Chinese history arrived at the camp to commemorate the king by erecting enormous historic artifacts. The historic site had three major renovations in 1986, 1999, and 2000 by the local government and is the treasure trove to study the history of West Chu State and Han Dynasty. Editor:吴心海

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