Xuzhou Paper Cutting--World Intangible Cultural Heritage 。 The Fengxain County Sugar Figure Maker takes syrup(malt syrup)as main raw material. Xuzhou Fragrant Sachet has such distinguishing features as being creative,unique and eye-catching in terms of shapes. According to historical records,Pizhou Paper-shaping Lion Head has been handed down from generation to generation with a long history of more than 500 years. The museum also has tea houses,chess&card rooms and some other leisure occasions and offers traditional services such as weddings and birthday parties for elders. [Detail]
32 foreigners visited Mazhuang Fragrant Sachet Village at Pan'an Lake on May 14.[Detail]
Qijia Village in Pizhou County is well-known for Chinese-chess. For a long time,peasants there liked to get-together to play Chinese-chess in their slack season. Like other game fans they often invite nearby players to their village to discuss the art of Chinese-chess. [Detail]
Peixian County is famous across China as the home of martial arts,where hundreds of thousands of people practise martial arts. So itˉs not strange that a housewife plays single whip in her backyard. It is not unusual to see little boys playing wood swords on their way to school. [Detail]
Yunlong Hill Fair(云龙山庙会)Lunar February 19 is Yunlong Hill Fair Day which started about 300 years ago. The Buddha Statue carved on the huge block of rock had attracted many a worshiper and soon a regular fair appeared at the foot of Yunlong Hill. [Detail]
In the Xia and Shang Dynasties,Xuzhou was in the land inhabited by the Dongyi peoples who constantly warred with the Shang and Zhou Dynasties. It was originally a capital of the Dongyi State of Xu but was exterminated by the State of Wu in 512 BC. The Xuzhou region was called Huaiyang during the Zhou Dynasty since the Huai River crosses the area. Initially,Liu Bang allowed his relatives to rule parts of the country since they were assumed to be the most trustworthy. However,the Kingdom of Chu under third generation ruler Liu Wu rebelled against the central authority during the Rebellion of the Seven Princes and was defeated. [Detail]
In October and November you can have the chance to actually try the same foods that were enjoyed at those long ago feasts. Many poems and stories from that period provided valuable clues about historic cooking styles,especially since descriptions of feasts were one of the most popular genres of poetry at that time. Archaeology and stone carvings provided much valuable information about serving methods and tableware. The result is a remarkably authentic and completely memorable meal. The meal is a unique chance to experience Chinese history in a new and tasty way. [Detail]
Xuzhou has a cultural history of over 5000 years and an architectural history of over 2600 years. "Three Wonders of Han Dynasty"(tomb,carved stone and terra-cotta warriors of Han Dynasty)makes the saying"turn to Xuzhou to learn the culture of Han Dynasty"is universally recognized 。 Han Cultural International Tourism Festival 。 Liubang Cultural Festival:Once per year in Peixian County 。 Cherry Blossom Art Festival:Annually March at Pengzu Garden 。 Pagodatree Flower Festival:Annually April~May at Xinyi Maling Mountain Scenic Spot 。 Ma Ke Art Festival:Once every two years。 [Detail]