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City profile

With a civilization of over 5,000 years, Xuzhou was built 2,600 years ago and is the earliest city in Jiangsu Province.

Xuzhou was one of the nine states of the country over 3,000 years ago.

Xuzhou is the city of Han culture, the hometown of Liu Bang (256-195BC), the first emperor of Western Han Dynasty. The Han Dynasty was divided into Eastern Han and Western Han periods (206BC-189AD) lasting for over 400 years.

During which the enfeoffed kings to Xuzhou left numerous historical heritages, including Han clay figurines, Han stone relief carvings and Han Tombs, which are called "Three Wonders of the Han Dynasty". They are representatives of the Chinese Han culture. 

Location:Northwest of Jiangsu Province

Longtitude and Latitude:The downtown is located in north latitude 34°15′, east longtitude 117°11′

Area: 210 km from east to west, 140 km from north to south, with a total area of 11258 square km

Location in China: East of China

Jurisdiction:Fengxian County, Peixian County, Suining County, Pizhou City, Xinyi City, Tongshan District, Jiawang District, Gulou District, Yunlong District, Quanshan District.



Area Code:+86516

City Flower:Grape Myrtle

City Tree:Gingko

Population:The city has a total population of 9.60 million, including 3.064 million of the downtown area.

Area:The city has a total area of 11,258 sq km, including 3,037 sq km of the downtown area.

Xuzhou Paper Cutting--World Intangible Cultural Heritage 。 The Fengxain County Sugar Figure Maker takes syrup(malt syrup)as main raw material. Xuzhou Fragrant Sachet has such distinguishing features as being creative,unique and eye-catching in terms of shapes. According to historical records,Pizhou Paper-shaping Lion Head has been handed down from generation to generation with a long history of more than 500 years. The museum also has tea houses,chess&card rooms and some other leisure occasions and offers traditional services such as weddings and birthday parties for elders.
Yunlong Mountain,which is 3 km long and is composed of nine sections of mountain tops,derives its name from wandering dragon and wreathing cloud and mist. The wide water shines under the sun and the three sides of it are surrounded by the green mountains and the overlapped green trees 。 Horse Training Platform is one of the oldest historical sites in existence in Xuzhou. The Huaihai Campaign Martyr Cenotaph is located at the western section of the main axis in the park,which is built up to the mountain and aimed to the rising sun,with a height of 38.15 m.
By putting chicken,fish and other articles into an iron pan and cooking it on an oven with wood and then sticking the bread on the pan edge when the water in the pan boils,both the soup and bread are very delicious.