Taihu Lake is just like a bright pearl set in the Yangtze River delta. It crosses Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces,where 48 islets of different sizes and 72 peaks and peninsulas along the lake combine to form a panorama of great natural beauty. The best place to view the beautiful Taihu Lake is on the Turtle Head Islet. Taihu Lake and the surrounding magnificence will bewitch your eyes when you climb onto Turtle Head. When the soft breezes blow,waves roll and the hills in the distance look like an overlapping landscape painting. The feast is generally prepared in the boat as one floats on the placid waters of Taihu Lake. [Detail]
Over 50 media from home and abroad got together in Canal Hotel of Wuxi to draw materials of the 2012 China(Wuxi)Wu Cultural Festival on April 9.It was good news that Hong Shan Relics Museum was titled as a national AAAA scenic spot. Ye Jianxing,Director of the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Culture,Broadcasting and the Press told us that Hong Shan has been a new tourist site due to the Wu Cultural Festival. [Detail]
On January 29, it was acknowledged from the office of Huishan Ancient Town that 700,000 tourists visited Huishan Ancient Town all together in the 7-day Spring Festival holiday. [Detail]
On January 2,over 30 photography enthusiasts from Nanjing,Yangzhou and Zhejiang came to the Qingming Bridge Historical and Cultural Block to appreciate a photographic work exhibition in Wuxi.[Detail]
The town occupies 35 hectares and its construction area reaches 85000 square meters,which displays many of historical scenes for the Three Kingdoms period 。 The town is constructed to film a movie series and can be divided into 3 major parts:ancient municipal area,ancient capital area and Liangshan Hill area 。 The town was constructed for a number of movie series about stories happened in Tang Dynasty 。 All the towns of the studio offer guided tours to the public and a particular slice of the illustrious history of the times. These towns attached to their special historical heritages are excellent tourist attractions. [Detail]
It was discovered on December 26 that the 2011-2020 General Plan on the HeLv City Tourist Site of Wuxi won the second prize of“Design Achievement Award”in the 2nd Jiangsu Provincial Tourist Plans Appraisal. The event,sponsored by the Jiangsu Tourism Society,is a very professional one,and the plan on Helv City tourism stood out from the other 28 projects owing to its creative and feasible developing concept of"tourist complex". Experts of the Jiangsu Tourism Society stated that the concept and plan of creating a"tourist complex"of relic sites from the Spring and Autumn Period(770 B. [Detail]
Lingshan Grand Buddha lies in the Small Lingshan named by the famous Great Monk Xuanzang in Tang Dynasty. Standing solemnly at the site of famous Tang Dynasty Xiangfu Temple,the Grand Buddha is pleasing to tourists,widely looking at all the living creatures. The left and right hands have hand print with"wish",wishing the world happy and welfare and the character on the Buddha's front chest represents solemnity and virtue. With the nearby Lake Taihu and a beautiful range of hills,the Lingshan Buddha is a symbol of Wuxi and attracts visitors nationally and internationally. [Detail]
Xu Beihong(1895~1953)was born in Yixing,under the jurisdiction of Wuxi and is one of the most famous painters in modern Chinese history. He is best known for his painting works of horses and birds. Xu started his classic Chinese works and calligraphy at the age of six under his father's influences and studied oil painting and drawing in Paris in 1919.He was the president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Chairmen of the Chinese Artist's Association. He died of a stroke in 1953. [Detail]
Liyuan Park,or Liyuan Garden,is 10 km southwest of Wuxi and is in the north of Lihu Lake. The garden can be divided into two parts□□the lake and the park itself. It is said that the great statesman,Fan Li who was the Minister of War in the Yue State during the Spring and Autumn Period,once lived here with his lover,Xi Shi who was one of the most well-known beauties in Chinese legend,after he resigned from the government. [Detail]
The garden had a renovation in Qing Dynasty and was visited multiple times by two Emperors in the Qing Dynasty,Kangxi and Qianlong. The duplicated copy of the garden is located in Beijing and named Huishanyuan Garden(Hui Hill Garden or Huishan Garden)or Xiaquyuan Garden(Xiaqu Garden). [Detail]
Located in the western suburb of Wuxi and the foot of Hun Hill,the garden faces the Lake Taihu. The elegant Chinese plum blossom is a typical plum flower that blooms only in winters and its beauty sparks imagination and praise from people especially the poets. The garden sponsors a Plum Cutural Museum and has kept many of calligraphy from members of the Rong Family. [Detail]
The earliest records of speleology of the cave started in the Third Century and numerous explorations and researches of all aspects of the cave came after. The cave s main entrance is at the middle level with a huge entrance hall of about 1000 square meters,depicting poems painted on the walls in calligraphy,most of which originated from the Liang and the Tang Dynasties. A warm passage follows from the entrance and it has a temperature of about 23 C all year round. The lower level cave is named the Waterfall cave,which takes in water from an 120 meter high waterfall. [Detail]
Parts of the surrounding region make up one of China□□s largest grain-producing bases. Pollution of the lake water is now a big problem and an algae boom has been blamed as the major cause. An increasing use of fertilizers in adjacent farmlands has been blamed for the problem because it creates excessive nutrients inducing algae growth. The government has identified the current situation of the lake as a natural disaster and is investing a huge sum of money to control sewages dumping and installing anti-pollution equipment at shipping and fuel stations. [Detail]
Located in the northwestern part of Wuxi,Xihui Park consists of two hills,Hill Hui and Hill Xi,separated by the Lake Yingshan. Both hills are 75 meters high and the Dragon Light Pagoda is atop of the Hill Xi towering over seven stories. Months from May to October have always been the best time for tourists to take part in festivals and night celebrations. [Detail]