Postman in small town working also for better countryside life
2019-03-05 14:37:00

Yin Yong, deputy of the National People's Congress and director of the Guiren subbranch of China Post Group, has spent half of his life working as a postman in the small town, with a dream rooted in the villages of northern Jiangsu. He has seven proposals for the ongoing session of the country’s top legislature.

At 18, Yin Yong became a postal worker in 1986, a job he has never changed for the past 33 years. Guiren subbranch, located at the northernmost of Sihong County, provides services to 16 nearby villages. In 2012, Yin learned from his countryside visits that many children needed care. So he had the idea to help these children on his way to deliver letters or packages, an idea that won unanimous support from all staff members. In the past seven years, the subbranch has assisted 32 children with difficulties.

Yin has also noticed the lack of early childhood education in rural areas. At this session, Yin has called for more governmental input to education in less-developed regions as well as the use of Internet and other IT solutions to strengthen the supervision over the whole process of childcare.

In addition, he also brought suggestions on increasing infrastructure development in rural areas, taking targeted measures for poverty alleviation, accelerating the construction of Hefei-Suqian railway to build a new high-speed railway linking Beijing and Shanghai.

Yin said that he grew up in the countryside and has a great affection for his hometown. He hoped that rural people can have a better life.

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