Zen KOH: Jiangsu has great potentials for rehabilitation medical sector
2018-12-05 09:51:00

The third Fourier Cup Innorehab 2018, which is also known as Chinese Rehabilitation Innovation Competition, has brought many pleasant surprises to Zen KOH, Managing Director of Fourier Intelligence International.

Fourier Intelligence is a technology and design company providing exoskeleton robotic products and service on rehabilitation and orthoses in Shanghai.

Zen KOH from Singapore says that an aging population and progress in science and technology lead to the development of rehabilitation medicine in the global market. In recent decades, China's rehabilitation medical industry has been developing at an accelerated pace and is quickly catching up with the world, he said.

As a trend in the world, rehabilitation therapy is expanding from large hospitals to community hospitals and then households. China is also introducing rehabilitation treatment to the community and home level, and the industry is booming.

Rehabilitation robot augments rehabilitation through the application of robotic devices. It can accurately quantify the specific needs of patients and develop a personalized rehabilitation program, reducing labor costs and addressing various problems of patients at different stages more effectively. Therefore, rehabilitation robots have enormous potential in the modern society with a rapidly aging population.

In June, Zen KOH joined the Shanghai-based startup, which endeavors to create rehabilitation robots affordable to general patients. He wants to bring his rich experiences in the field of medical technology and rehabilitation robots to China and also help Chinese products to go global.

He said his decision to try entrepreneurship in China was due to the inspiration of Professor Li Jian’an, director of the Rehabilitation Medical Center of Jiangsu Province Hospital. Prof. Li is international associate of the National Academy of Medicine, USA and president of the Jiangsu Rehabilitation Medical Association. He has long been committed to the innovative research and development of rehabilitation medicine. The Rehabilitation Medical Center of Jiangsu Province Hospital ranks first in the rehabilitation field in China.

Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Amanda