Mauritius student feels amazed by Nanjing’s changes
2018-09-13 11:11:00

Deeraj Mungun from Mauritius began his study at Nanjing Medical University in Sept. 2009 and graduated this June after completing his master's degree. In the past nine years, the development of Nanjing and the changes in China have left marks on his youth.

From confusion to joy in the urban changes

Deeraj is tall and speaks fluent Chinese, always with a smile on his face. But when he first came to Nanjing, he experienced a period of confusion.

He arrived in Nanjing full of expectations, but when the environment outside the dormitory, a large construction site, made him disappointed. Since the university’s Jiangning campus is more than 20 kilometers away from downtown Nanjing, it’s not easy for Deeraj to go to the city each time. At that time, Nanjing had only one subway line, so he had to walk two kilometers to the bus stop, take the bus to the subway station, and then walk about one kilometer to his destination.

Nowadays, Nanjing has ten subway lines and a well-developed transportation network, an incredible progress in Deeraj’s view. During his senior year, Deeraj moved to the main campus in the city. Occasionally he returned to the Jiangning campus. To his surprise, the empty land in the past is now home to many residential buildings. Editor:Amanda