Malaysian student dedicated to teaching Chinese any place in the world
2018-09-10 10:05:00

Feng Dajing, a second-year graduate student from Sabah in Malaysia, came to study at Nanjing University (NJU) in 2013 with the hope of becoming a Chinese teacher. After more than five years, she has witnessed the great changes in Jiangsu Province and become firmer in her dream to teach Chinese in the future.

Nanjing: Love at first sight

When asked why she chose Nanjing, she always mentions a language teacher who graduated from NJU and thought it is a good choice to study in the university’s Chinese department. From that time, the city of Nanjing has taken root in her heart. The moment she arrived in Nanjing, she felt attached to the city due to the colorful Qinhuai River, the ancient Ming Dynasty City Wall and the labyrinth of alleys in the misty drizzle. It looked like she entered the reality from literary works she had read.

She decided to become a Chinese teacher in high school, a dream that she is getting closer to reaching for the study in Nanjing. Later, she and other Malaysian students who were also studying in Nanjing visited the city’s large and small neighborhoods, gaining a deeper understanding of the unique culture. Editor:Amanda