Then and now, Yemeni brothers’ “love story” with China
2018-08-27 09:03:00

Statistic shows that Jiangsu has received over 39,000 international students in the year of 2017, making it the third popular province in China. Jiangsu has become one of the hottest destinations for foreign students.

This is the fifth year for the Yemeni brothers Waheeb and Mugeeb in Jiangsu. They have been received as postgraduates right after their graduation this June. With no pressure and no study projects, they visited Suzhou again during this summer vacation, recalling their childhood longing for China among the gardens and pavilions.

The mysterious country tagged in “Made in China”

In the 1990s, as China strengthened economic cooperation and business exchange with the world, more and more China-made products went global. Waheeb and Mugeeb can always see product tags, reading “Made in China” in their home town Sana. They were so curious about this country, and wanted to know more about it. Later on, they totally fell in love with Chinese Kungfu movies, and famous actor Jackie Chan is their favourite star. “He might be the first one who leads us into loving China”, said the brothers ten years later, still excited.

As they grew up, China remained a cherished dreamland for them. They watched a lot of documentaries about China, and Chinese architectures really fascinated them. When they saw Suzhou gardens on the screen, they “really feel like falling in love with the type of architecture”. A decision of going to China was made at that moment.

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