Satyendra Pakhalé shares industrial design insights in Nanjing
2018-06-26 11:28:00

As a famous designer invited to the “Serial Lectures of Masters in Residence", a project to help develop traditional Chinese handicrafts, Indian industrial designer Satyendra Pakhalé ended his trip to Nanjing on June 23.

During the week in Nanjing, Pakhalé had a deeper understanding about the intangible cultural heritages of Nanjing, including the time-honored Qinhuai Lanterns, cloud-patterned brocade and gold foil crafts, and gave a lecture at the School of Industrial Design of Nanjing University of the Arts. He hopes that he can find design inspiration from traditional Chinese culture and add more cultural appeals to urban and modern life.

Tradition and innovation in the same space

Born in India in 1967, Pakhalé received education at the renowned IIT - Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and later at the Art Centre College of Design Europe, in Switzerland. His production ranges from the design of objects to technological products and architecture. Through a series of award-winning design projects for leading clients and industries, Satyendra Pakhalé Associates has developed a worldwide reputation for designing diverse innovative typologies.

China, like India, has a long history and rich traditions while tradition is always deeply embedded in a designer's work, said Pakhalé.

Among his works, there is a city architecture that can naturally cool. Pakhalé said people today choose to use air-conditioner at home in hot weather but people in the past already explored the natural cooling for thousands of years. Therefore, this design can be said to be an inheritance of history and tradition, and of course, more importantly, a kind of innovation, according to Pakhalé.

In the view of Pakhalé, a designer’s innovation should start from tradition, memory and gratitude, not abandon the past, but avoid weaknesses and give full play to the strengths. Editor:Amanda

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