Another life in music told with violin
2018-05-21 15:52:00

There is always such a child music learner in your life. You can see him or her carrying a violin case on the way to or off the violin class. You can hear him or her practicing after dinner or on weekends. He or she might be a kid in your neighborhood, or could be you when you were young.

Can you imagine that there might be someone on the other side of the planet who is leading a similar life?

“There was one day when I was in primary school, the teacher asked who wanted to join the violin class, and I raised my hand.” said Damon Flanagan, a freelance violinist and teacher in London. “I was eight.”

It was out of pure interest at first. With an open personality, the Southampton boy also tried other extra-curriculum activities like singing and piano, but violin gained an upper hand. He became a child violin learner, like all the ordinary little learners.

Gradually, his talent in violin began to show up, and the teacher started to give him one-to-one lessons. Editor:Amanda