Cancer survivor spreads medical knowledge with music
2018-05-04 16:41:00


A concert titled Song of the Youth was staged at the Stadium of Nanjing Medical University Jiangning Campus on April 28.

Qin Chao, the main player, wasn’t a professional musician but the deputy director of the urinary surgery department at the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital. Born in 1980s and holding the Doctor of Medicine degree, Qin has survived the cancer and now engages in music creation in his free time.

Qin became fascinated with music during his struggle against the disease. In his work after graduation, he seemed to have a smooth life until 2011 when he felt sudden hearing difficulties after finishing a night shift. The following CT and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans showed he got nasopharyngeal cancer. Facing the heavy blow, he couldn’t stop the tears when he first listened to his 7-month-old son calling him papa over the telephone. Also in the same year, he was admitted to a PhD program.

When the treatment was behind expectations, he lived in pain and became hopeless. Then a guitar from a childhood friend helped him start a new life. Playing the music instrument allowed him to stay away from pessimism and sadness, and it also later became his biggest hobby in life.

He took the initiative to spread medical knowledge with music, creating three songs and taking music videos for the public awareness of emergency response. “The doctor’s treatment is just one side, and the public needs to learn about helping themselves as well as others so as to minimize the harm of disease. I think it matters to a lot of people by creating music for medical knowledge. People can remember something from the song or music video and at critical moments they can save a life.”

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