Mauritius student publishes Chinese-English medical book
2018-04-16 16:10:00

A Mauritius student whose native languages are French and Creole has published a Chinese-English medical book in China to the surprise of many.

Luveanand Merveesh Auchoybur, a postgraduate student at Nanjing Medical University, published Common Terms in Cardiac Surgery, a concise but systematic glossary in both Chinese and English of the terms and expressions used in heart surgery.

Merveesh said he wrote the book for simple reasons. “Many colleagues and students asked me about an English version for some professional papers. I completed the undergraduate studies in Chinese, and I’m not familiar with the terms either. However, I wanted to know more and learn about it.”

During his internship at the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, he wrote down the terms carefully, built up the vocabulary, combined theories with practices, and gradually developed the idea of writing a book. “I just kept writing. Sometimes I only knew the Chinese version and sometimes only English terms. But after reading a lot of books and references, I found the most suitable translation at last. ”

Merveesh said the publication of the book is not an end for him because he will keep collecting and sorting the terms and hopes the book will be reprinted in the future.

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