Rich and simple life of a centenarian Changzhou farmer
2018-04-08 17:49:00

On the morning of April 3, 100-year-old Zhou Fusong was working in a vegetable field in front of his house in Shanggelou village, Liyang City, Jiangsu Province. With the asparagus lettuce and garlic growing very well, Zhou was happy to rake the soil as he planned for more vegetables despite his old age.

“These vegetables are his darlings,” said Zhou’s granddaughter-in-law Zhao Lamei with a smile. The family members can eat vegetables grown in his garden in all seasons. Zhou also rides his tricycle to sell the rest of the vegetables in a market several kilometers away.

At 100 years old, Zhou still has good hearing and eyesight, and some local villagers even envy his good health. Zhou lives a quiet, regular life: he harvests vegetables after getting up, rides to sell them after breakfast, takes a one-hour nap after lunch and then continues to work in the field. He goes to bed at 9 pm every evening.

A meat lover, Zhou said he can earn 15 yuan ($2.4) everyday by selling vegetables, which enables him to afford meat at any time. “My children would give me some money. But I can work right now. I can make money and do exercise by working. It is terrific!” Zhou said.

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