Booming flowers business boosts villagers’ income
2018-03-28 16:10:00

The sweet scent of osmanthus fragrans flowers favored in Chinese culture will get stronger in August, thanks to the effort led by a 27-year-old woman In Tianquanhu township of Xuyi county in Huaian City.

Chen Yalan, born in 1991 to a farmer’s family in Tianquanhu, had to drop out of school due to poverty in 2006. The next spring, Chen decided to plant a species of osmanthus fragrans from southern China, known its long flowering season and lasting scent. She thought the flowers of the evergreen shrub could be popular among people and have a promising market.

Chen tried her best to learn how to best make the shrub bloom. And her efforts were rewarded as they grew well, which also brought hope to her family.

She and her family managed to rise from poverty through her startup project and she later invited local villagers to join in and share the fruits.

Chen also helped famers sell through her sales channels, raising the annual profit from a mu of land (0.06 hectares) by four to five times over the past. The joint efforts by Chen and the villagers have helped them find a better way to wealth.

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