Ji Wen, devoted cultural ambassador and good storyteller
2018-03-27 17:27:00


Gentle and sweet, freelancer Ji Wen drew much attention in the 2018 Nanjing Book Fair. Her “Qinhuai Series”, all about the history and culture of Nanjing, were highly recommended by scholars and critics at the fair.

Born in Nanjing, Ji Wen moved to Canada in 2012. Although she started her writing career only two years ago, she has already completed five novels, namely “Porcelain Tower of Nanjing” “Jiangnan Imperial Examination Hall”, "Chaotian Palace”, "Zhanyuan Garden” and “Ming City Walls”. Wang Zheng, vice chairman of Jiangsu Writers’ Association, applauded her works as “transferring complicated historical knowledge into interesting narration”.

Passion for history and culture

Four of her five novels were set in the background of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Whenever she plans to write a story, she would look up lots of historical materials and consult historians, so as to ensure the time line coinciding with basic historical context. Readers can find prototypes of main characters in history, and story lines echo with historical events, even diplomatic relations. “Nowadays in Canada, most young people with Chinese root don’t really know anything about the history of their motherland. I hope that, from my novels, they can learn something about Chinese history, and the world can learn how splendid our culture and history are,” Ji Wen told JiangsuNow.

(Ji Wen's books were collected by Vancouver Public Library)

Love for hometown

Actually, Ji Wen’s literary achievements can be partly contributed to her love for Nanjing. Her cause of writing started accidentally, when she was touched by the reopening of Bao’en Temple Heritage Park on Dec. 16, 2015. To relieve her homesickness, she wrote a story about the tower and tried several chapters on an online literary portal. Shortly afterwards, she was invited to be a contracted writer with IQYI.

The word “Jiangnan”, a well-known label for Jiangsu, frequently appears in her novels. “The word expresses my love for Nanjing. I often miss my hometown, and that’s why my books are always about Nanjing.” said Ji Wen. Jiangsu in her novel is such a poetic place that some little girls even wish they could grow up soon to see the beautiful place by themselves.

When hearing that some film and television companies at the book fair wanted to adapt her novels into TV series, Ji Wen said, “she is happy to do her part to promote Nanjing’s history and culture.”

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