Patient care worker a mental assistance, too
2018-03-14 16:17:00

Patient care workers are usually responsible for taking care of patients. In addition to this duty, a care worker in Huaian is also able to play guitar for patients and help them get relaxed, for as long as 30 years already.

Songs and music could be heard through the corridor of a building for inpatients of the neurology department at Huaian People’s Hospital on March 13. Pang Manyin, with whom many patients in the ward are familiar, presented his guitar performance on a daily basis.

After performing his duties, Pang invited patients to choose songs they wanted to hear. Some hospitalized patients said they actually felt better with Pang’s singing.

Pang said it’s hard to work at hospital but he gained happiness from music as well as satisfaction from patients or their family members. It’s a sense of fulfillment and the singing will go on if patients like it, said Pang.

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