Famed sculptor to show beauty of Jiangsu in new era
2018-01-24 09:43:00

Wu Weishan, born in Dongtai of Jiangsu province, is a distinguished sculptor who has created lots of great sculpture artworks with international influence. Titled as Curator of National Art Museum of China, Vice-chairman of China Artists Association, and President of China City Sculpture Committee, Wu has long been committed to expressing the spirit of Chinese culture through his sculptures. His works can be found in many well-known museums and exhibitions all across the world. Former UN Secretary General Ban KiMoon once commended that his sculptures had reflected the soul of all mankind. He was appointed the academician of French Academy of Fine Arts a few days ago. His sculptures are praised as “great art of oriental aesthetic spirit and aesthetic value of all mankind”, and “representatives of new spirit of the era”. 

“It’s an honor to express my pride for Jiangsu through Xinhua Daily Media Group, the leading media platform in Jiangsu,” said Wu, when he accepted a telephone interview with JiangsuNow amid his busy schedule.

Wu came back to Jiangsu for a few times during the past year, caring and contributing to the province. Talking about the First Jiangsu Development Summit in May 2017, Wu was still excited and called it “a friend-gathering and a thrilling event”.

During the summit, he also delivered a theme speech, elaborating his artistic concept, and donated two sculptures to the newly-build Jiangsu Center for the Performing Arts. Sparing no effort to pay back his hometown, Wu tried seven times to make a perfect version of recording an essay in hometown dialect for the voice library of Jiangsu.

No matter where he stands, be it Jiangsu or world-class art centers, the pride for his hometown always lies in his speeches. “Jiangsu is a place with many brilliant people, abundant resources, and rich cultural heritages, from which I draw inspiration,” said Wu, “there are many ways for an artist to contribute to his hometown, and a piece of great artwork is among the best.”

Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Nicky