Chinese Sherlock Holmes, legend continues
2018-01-22 15:48:00


It was five years ago when JiangsuNow reporter first knew Lee Changyu on the famous talk show, A Date with Lu Yu. Lee Changyu and Tsui Hark, the well-known Vietnam-born Chinese director, were invited as guests in the show. Then 76-year-old Lee shocked the audience by claiming that he could easily knock Tsui down on the ground. It turned out that this energetic senior was the legendary Chinese detective, who cracked many controversial cases, including the assassination of President J. F. Kennedy, and Nixon’s Watergate scandal. “Chinese Sherlock Holmes” and “King of Crime Scene Reconstruction” are all his labels.

Five years later, 81-year-old Lee still works 16 hours a day, getting up at four O'clock and starting to work at six. When JiangsuNow reporter got in touch with him on Jan. 15, 2018, he already had a full schedule, delivering a lecture to 24 visiting Chinese criminal policemen in the University of New Haven on the morning, attending a panel meeting on the afternoon, and making preparations for a 40-year cold case in the evening.

Lee is always busy. After his retirement, he took up many social positions, such as director of Forensic Science Center for the Connecticut State Police, director of the National Crime Scene Training and Technology Center of the United States, full-time professor of the University of New Haven and professor or honorary professor of about 20 universities in the world. Lee Changyu left his hometown Rugao of Jiangsu province for Shanghai at an early age of five years old, then to Taiwan, and finally to the United States. Although Lee only lived in Rugao for five years, he still has a Rugao accent and his affection to his hometown never fades away. He watches Jiangsu news at a set time every day, and goes back to Rugao several times each year. Editor:Nicky