Poirot: Draw a different Nanjing in 2018
2017-12-27 13:36:00

French oil painter Christian Poirot came to his studio in Mulhouse as usual on the early morning of Dec. 26. Instead of picking up his palette, the 56-year-old artist stood by the window and thought of Nanjing and everything in the past year.

Poirot calls Nanjing his second home. He can’t remember how many times he has been to this city, sometimes just for a few days, and sometimes months. His love for Nanjing runs so deep that he suggested his daughter Charlotte study Chinese in Nanjing Normal University after graduation from college in France.

Nine years ago during his first visit to China, Poirot was shocked on the train from Tianjin to Beijing, when he learned from his friends about Nanjing Massacre by Japanese invaders in 1937. He created the Nanjing Massacre-themed oil painting “Deliverance”, and then donated it to the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders in December, 2015. He visited Nanjing again this September and spent a whole month here to create a set of three oil paintings on “comfort women”. The three pieces were later donated to Nanjing Museum of the Site of Lijixiang Comfort Stations on Dec. 12.

Of course, his affection to Nanjing also has something to do with friends and food here. Those sweet memories would often come to him of holding his nose to eat stinky tofu and drink Chinese alcohol on that cold winter day.

Poirot introduced Nanjing to his son this time. They visited many places in Nanjing, such as the Ming Tombs, Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum, the Confucius Temple, or any random spot they feel attractive. He said he liked to portrait people and their lives in cities. Poirot would have stayed in Nanjing for New Year, if it were not for the birthday of his wife. He went back to France on Dec. 20, two days ahead of the birthday.

Every new year, Poirot would think of Nanjing city, its present and past, as well as his friends there. “Nanjing is a modernized and peaceful harbor,” he concluded. He plans to visit some other Chinese cities next year, and to draw six paintings for each province, half about countryside and half about cities. He will try to exhibit them at those influential museums, to show the world what China looks like now.

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